How to increase your videos views on you tube is a necessary measure if you love to have an headway of your success in vblog.

And to many bloggers who love to have access to unique traffic then there should be an avenue for video where more traffic can be attracted.

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You might be among few ones who have a YouTube channel and thinking of a way to increase your videos views on YouTube? And if your answer is positive then this is the best avenue to seek the information you need,

Now the most important thing you need to take note and to understand is that no matter how good you are in perfecting the beauty of your blog without the good marketing strategies to promote your channel.

Which means that your work will never be seen by the majority of your target audience.  Because this will be like creating a product in your home without presenting it to who be potential buyers. And if they didn’t know or see it they will not make a decision to take action. So, you need to take an absolute step in other to be above others, the first person to present your audience “your product” which is your videos in your channel. And this is the time to change it and become one of the You Tuber who is seen by everyone.

And these techniques I want to show you have  helps as many people that make good use of it to be among the number one channels that have commanded the attention of many. And you need a bit of discipline to make this happen. .

These tips are tested, proven, and work for videos from almost every niche. Think of this post as a checklist that you need to follow once you are done producing your videos.

So, lets check on ways you can promote your you tube video.

  1. Intro and Outro Video For Branding : This is very important if you want to gain more audience that is looking for a professional looking videos. You must embrace branding if you want your viewers to take you serious, and to make you stand out. And getting the You Tube intro and Outro is pretty easy, only if you will give it what it takes. You can create one yourself or hire someone from fiverr to create one for you. See one of the best intro. And when you put “intro video” in the first layer of your viseo, your outro will be on the outer layer the last they will see as your video is ending.
  2. Optimizing Your Video Title for More Clicks:

This means that the title of your video ring more bell, for people to decided either to click for viewing or not. It’s a deciding factor for the audience on much views you can command. Check what people are searching for and create a like title in other to attact the kind of the audience you are looking for.

  1. Create At Least More Than 500 Character Limit Of Video Tags:

One of the mistakes of most you tube success proff violators is incorrect tag usage. Now, what is “Tagging” ? YouTube video tags are an important factor for the organic ranking of videos. Its words, phrase that the audience ar searching for. Tagging in YouTube works differently than it does in a blog post. so, if you are the types that never paid attention to “tags” then this is the time to do so if at you desire a good vewing from audience that need to watch the video you are creating.

  1. Stand Out by Creating a Related Custom Thumbnails:

Its time to use a custom Thumbnail on your you tube videos. This is because this makes you stand out among others, most expecially the related and suggested video section.the first thing to take note of is the standard desire of the You Tube video. You can watch this video to learn more about creating video thumbnails that is accepted by You Tube.

  1. Embedded Your Video On Your Website:

A website or blog need to be created that go along with the information you inputs on your video. An embedded video on the website will automatically landed traffic from your blog to your video. And the reason is that this will boost your views daily, that is as you are commanding a good traffic for the blog, you will be introducing them to the video, calling to action, and the same thing apply to your you tube video, which undernate it you will be introducing people your blog.

  1. Make Sure Your Video Is Looking Good With Professional Touch:

A good video with a professional touch will always invite more visits, unlike such ones that is prepare in haste or shabbily without any sense of professionalism. Check online to see what need to be in your video but is not, check good tools that makes it stand out, distinct apps that makes a difference and many other tweaks here and there.

  1. You Need A Sound Audio To Go Along With A Beautiful Scenery:

You need a video that goes along with a good sound, because one of difference that a bad video make is its low sound, bad communicative aspects. Get a good microphone that brings out the beauty of your message which you are trying to present to the audience. And if you have not enough confidence to use your voice then you can go for software or application that brings out a good voice that brings out a sound message.

  1. Your Video Need Social Signals:

One of the unique avenue where you can make your video more accessible to people is through connecting to social signals. This helps your audience from your social sides to be aware of new videos, and also gives them the ability to share this video to their audience as well. Which means more people will be invited and they too will have the opportunity of inviting people from their social sites as well.

  1. Make Your Video Informative, Entertaining, Straight To The Point:

There is nothing bad or boring as a video that is not well ventilated, organized, entertaining, or straight to the point. People love this, and even I bet you too love that, that is, you are showing it that you video you are creating is not for show but for good information, with a little bit of entertaining that will make them glue to the end.

  1. Start Without Advert:

One of the mistakes of some people, that is making them not to have good traffic for their video is that they refuse to wait for ripe stage of putting in advert and as result gives a bag signal at the initial stage of you tube video creation business. You need to build up a good audience or traffic first, give free information for free, this will build their trust in you, for good content and for good future of creating a better video.



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