how to profit from blogging

Gone are the days when the opportunities enjoyed by individuals were limited to places, persons and countries. Today,opportunities are at our door steps, all we just have to do is to utilize them to our own benefit. Notable among the opportunities around us today are online businesses.

  One of the example for this kind of business is blogging, that is, create a blog or make money blogging which is focus on content marketing, or can be  about selling products or services. This can also be a kind that advertises about blogging for beginners in video training, that training others on how you earn through uploading video content.

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This can also be defined as any form of business or commercial transaction that involves sharing information across the internet.

Furthermore it can be called electronic business or e-business.    Examples of online business around the world include:- eBay, facebook,web design, online store,ebook selling, graphic design just to mention a few.It’s a universal truth that a baby can’t walk without first crawling, likewise,  an individual can’t benefit from online business except he is computer literate.

Therefore, anyone who wants to reap the dividend of online business must do all he can to have a good knowledge of computer or build up a niche like, “how to start a blog” and must have a reliable means by which he can easily connect to the internet either via a browsing phone, modem, WiFi etc
The good news for all is that anyone who knows how to operate an android, I-phone, smart phone can also enjoy from the privileges offered by online business.


In a country that possesses one of the largest population of people in the world, which is a Major source of motivation for individuals aspiring to start a business (online or offline) as result of market favored environment. Concomitantly,  as a citizen of this vast and rapidly growing country. 

One can also take a deep-dive into an offline business which really does not involve computer skill or interest.

Offline business can be defined as a form of business that is done without the aid of computer or the internet.   Example of offline business are :

– making of liquid soap
– baby sitting
– making of poultry feeds
– rabbit rearing
– bead making
-and lots more

For easy compression therefore, I shall discuss business basically under the following segments,

Home based businesses are that is started at home without needing a specific shop or any other building before business activities can be carried out. When an individual chooses to use his home as a venue for business transaction, he has successfully answered one of the basic questions of business which is “Where to produce“.

Then as a dexterous man or woman,  he or she must also decide on ” What to produce” after considering ” The target market” and understanding how the market works  for profiting.

But online business is not like this,  because this is what you can do anywhere, as long you can have access to serve and you have a great idea to develop. and these are the example of online business you can do;


– website building
– affiliate marketing
– virtual assistance
– social  media management business
– consulting business
– e commerce

and many others that you can discover as you are moving on in your online business.

At at the same time you can make good use of the opportunity that both can offer, that is, you can promote your offline business in your online business and vice versal. And one thing about this opportunity is that as you understand how it works, you can use it to skyrocketted your business to limelight.

I believe that with this information you can understand more how you can profit from both online and online business. We believe on this platform more information is coming to take you to a greater place in your online and offline business.

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