Tools that can help you attain a better responsibility in meeting the needs of your visitors. And you need the understanding of this  so that it can take you to a better level in blogging business.

Now, I want us to look at these tools that you need to use in other to position yourself rightly and be a valuable resource in the business of your visitors.

  1. Semrush:

With this tool you will have instant access to access to keyword ideas that people are using to check out some valuable information online. And as you are positioning yourself to attract those people that are using this kind of keywords then you need to include these works they are looking for inside your own post.

Semrush has been on for some time now, helping bloggers, most expecially the newbie bloggers to check on the keywords of their competitors, so that they can have a better hedge in attracting traffic than them.

  1. Quora:

This is another site that you need to look at if at all you want to achieve the impossible in your blogging business. Like I say, Quora is a site that created a platform whereby you can ask any question pertaining anything, most especially anything in online business. And immediately you ask any question, somebody that has the question will answer it. So the technique is this, check on the questions these people are asking and use them as the keywords which you can input in your post, and do a good research to answer it , thereby track other people that might have been looking for an answer for this same kind of question.

  • Google:

Some people will call it, almighty Google, and the reason is because of its popularity that came as a result of good branding and hardwork. Google is a good site in building your site only if you understand how it works. It helps you with good keywords which people are are searching for. You can use one of its tool called google planner tool, which gives you the idea of what kind of keywords people are paying for to attract a good traffic.

  1. Analytics:

This is another tool from Google, and it’s being used to track or gives stat of the people that came into your blog. Google analytics helps with the records of how many people that comes daily, where did they comes from, and from which system did they use, is it mobile, desktop, apple or any king of computers. The function goes on and on.

  1. Grammarly:

This is a tool that helps in editing your articles before you post it inside your blog. This tool helps in perfecting your grammar, spellings and the likes. It’s a good tool that helps you gain more respect from your visitor. For nobody want to be faced with ‘word confusion’ as a result of spelling errors or mistakes.

  1. Blog Theme;

This is important and many bloggers are taking it for granted. And this usually leads to loss of value, which belittle the value of your business. Blog theme is about how you design your site. It’s just like how people will react to you when they visit your home and they realized they have make a mistake. And their mistake is that; where they got your link, they have the impression that you are a profession who has his office among the professionals, where they have to see perfection which is beautiful office, furniture, good office planning, perfect business car shelf and the likes, but opposite is the case here. So many times visitors turn back at the door of your site while few wait to be sure either they make a mistake or not.

So, the focus of my point is that get a good theme in other to let your visitors stay, let him be overwhelm with the look of your site and look forward as he will come back and experience not only what they have learn but the environment where they have learnt it form as well.

  • Copyscape:

You will not understand the value of this tool until you have it and practice with it. I have the same experience as well. And im saying many bloggers are shooting themselves in the leg if they refuse to pay attention to this tool, thinking is a waste of time, but I’m telling you, it worth it.

This is a tool that check on your article and gives you a clean slate, that is, a go ahead’ to post it online. Search engines, most especially Google never take it easy when they realize that the article in your site is what you copy directly from another blog. This is called pleagi…, but this tool will make sure that any copied word is being shown to you so that you can make a correct of this, and being found quickly by potential visitors.

In Conclusion

I believe you have gain one thing or the other from this article and I believe as you put these into practice then the sky is your starting point.

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