Taking a niche and build good information around it has been one of the problem of a blogger. And that is the reason every blogger need to understand the power of a niche and how to use it to bounce up your financial life. So, picking a niche up in other to have good focus blogging activities. And because of the adrenalin of success running in their system

dreaming of the best way to focus on the best niche, they made a  fatal mistake of choosing the wrong one and this have lead to waste of time and resources.

And another thing is choosing a well populated niche that give nothing but being faced with tough competition as they share the same traffic and as well as the same style of publishing but have a different result. And this is where the problem lies, because that guru you are competing with is establish already because what he is blogging about is his passion, whereas what you are doing is coping the style in other to have the same result.

Therefore, it will be better if we blog for passion and not only for financial value alone. Its good to desire what other bloggers are doing in other to be a success too. But the most important is that we should do it right so that we can have a good result.

Therefore, your hobbies and interest is the real thing, that is, you need to build more on it, and if it’s a most for you to write or blog about a topic is not your hobby because of one thing or the other, then you need to learn more of how it works, do a good research and build more on it.

These are the most important that you need to consider if you want to choose a good niche for yourself. Which means it shouldn’t only be a good niche or because its easy to be in the first page of Google, or because its profitable but because it can be attained as a result of you catching fun as you are doing it, so that you can arrive at your successful destination.


What to look at, if you want to choose a niche.

So, what are you looking at, in other to have a successful blogging?

The first thing is to get to know what kind of niche you want to target, and to research such a kind of niche, or you can divert your attention to those skills or passion you have. So, putting those skills of yours by the sides of the paper and try to notice those niches that are hot in demand are people buying it or not. Did it have strong competition or not? And if not, it not selling or people are not aware of its positive side? And what is your prove on this?

Is there a perfect level of both competition, traffic and earning? These are important, these are important if you want to make a good headway in your online business.

All these need to be prepare for

Imagine a niche that you choose but didn’t get enough searches that can make it up with the expected earnings. So, its necessary that you are aware and sure that people are in need of that type of niche you are looking for. Because the more your niche is profitable then the more you are most probably have more competitors. Therefore you need to be preparing for both paid traffic and free traffic, understand the value of seo, and know how it works and how you can use it for your blog promotion. Understand why people are coming to your blog, what attract them or are there any other things that can pull others to your site, that is, those that prefer going to your competitor’s blog.

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