Today’s online business in the digital world has been one of the fastest way to approach your business in a better and easier dimension of attaining your expected end in building a potential customers which will later determine the future of your business.

If analogue way of approaching a business is not having hiccup way of doing business, there should not be a warrantee for another better way of approaching our business deal.

Gone are those days when you have to rent a shop with stationery by the side, handbills, postal and the likes. And for you to achieve anything, then you have to work harder in order to pour out more money to achieve more value in gathering sales.

There is a better, easier and faster approach to getting your marketing done that will attract and engage more people than normal traditional way of marketing and it is called email marketing.

What is email marketing?

What is email marketing? Encyclopedia defined it to be a wide range of e-mail used to deliver commercial messages. It includes e-mail newsletters that deliver news, information, or content that people have specifically requested.    while I see it as a way of sending message or information by means of computer which is connected by network while marketing means a way of selling or advertising a product which means email marketing can be defined as a way of selling or advertising a product through a message or information by means of a computer which is connected to other computers globally through networks.


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That is, with an email, you can have absolute right to control or to share any way or means of marketing strategies without being penalized or bound by any controlled organization.

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What do I mean? 

Many times you will agree with me how bigger email providers or marketing strategists like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. They have their rules which you must follow if at all you need their services. But with personal information that you have collected from your customers like email, phone number and the likes, then you have absolute right to build up a relationship each day, establishing your trust within them before you even think about presenting a product to them. Like its being said before now, that getting traffic source from this super influencer’s engine will be your first assignment if at all you didn’t have any email you can market with for now. But you need to focus on the larger marketing formula which I am about to present to you right now.  

Understanding your larger market formula in email marketing.

We should take note of something that is, focusing on the larger market formula in your email marketing. What do I mean?

Yes, it’s true that you want a traffic source which virtually could be through Facebook, Instagram or Google Ads and with few dollars like 3-5 dollars or less you can have access to a click, which you send to an opt-in page.


Opt-in page is a page you need to create so that you can have access to your customers’ details which I have told you beforehand. (This I will explain to you later.)

And this (collecting customers’ details) through giving out something valuable. This can be an eBook, direct information or anything of value and whenever you give out these valuable irresistible information and they (your prospective customers) have given you their details, then they have become potential customers, that is, you can market either eBook or any product to them without any form of restriction.      

And after they have given you their details, they are directed to what you present to them for downloading. After downloading this, they are being re-directed to your thank you page which is a landing which present  the  product you want to sell (whether eBook, information and the likes) plus mind grasping irresistible bonus, which could be text or video or the combination of the two. This could fetch you an immediate sale in a day. But because of some customers who are not familiar with you, that you have not build a relationship with, might not be convinced immediately and this is where you are going to use your larger market formula. The immediate buyers are just about 3% of the whole 100% personal customers you have on ground, which means if you just base your intention on the 3% without collecting their details, then you have lose a lot of sales. But with you having their contact, you have absolute control on the remaining 97% buyers and with this you can schedule a marketing call or any kind of purchase. Marketing Automation - Advanced tools for SMB’s  


Understand that you are meeting a need.

You need to understand that you are meeting a need, providing a solution to a problem and not that you are giving them more problem. Satisfaction should be your watchword, making them happy should be your goal. Understand that people are more careful to buy product or even download a free gift. They don’t want to be disturbed or waste their time or resources like data or money.

  Put yourself in their shoes; what do you think will be your concern * you need to take note of this: so, before creating a solution, you must be aware of the kind of problem or challenges they have. How can you achieve this? By going to Quora, Amazon and the likes will expose you to the questions they are asking, product they are buying and the likes. You can create a solution around this and arrive at your expected end.   

 In conclusion

I believe I have explained to you how you can create your email marketing from ground up. The next I want you to focus on now is “different types of good email platforms you can choose from and how important they can be in your online or blogging business, to your product that is, using them to catapult your product to next level of success.

 You can have access to the link here: “how to choose the best platform to getting your email delivered.”

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