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Today we will be looking at How to apply the principles of growth as an online entrepreneur. Growth have principles, and the more you understand the principles and apply it, as an online entrepreneur the better. Because the world is moving faster like a lightning, and this means that it’s important for you to seek knowledge and learn the step by step of how you can at the peak of your online business. There are principle of growth for any online business ideas and wherever you might be, either in United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, African or any places of the world, then you need to understand this principle, if at all you want to grow. And what did I mean by this this growth principles? It’s about a generally accepted laws that escalate growth. That is, as there are universal laws of growth pertaining online business in Germany, this laws also work in Canada. Therefore internet, being a global village have a general rule, and principles that control its growth in a positive way. So, when we are talking about growth in blogging, economics, or in an online marketing and the likes, we are talking about the best way to profitability, that is, meeting more needs, and having more rooms to cater for these needs, even in business environment, you are more able to expand and dominate the market.

Now, for every success, there is surely a sacrifice, there is what you should do to attain your expected end. That is, if you are a blogger or online business grant it means you are on a mission to take it to another level, win more visitors that will always come back to take a drink of  knowledge.                That is, from probably 5,000 to 10,000 visitors per month to 500, 000, or to 100,000,000. Not only by number but by engagement, and larger percentage of these numbers did exactly whatever you desire of them to do then you are already a success and if it’s of the other way round then, more effort need to be made. This same apply to other online business name ideas that we have in the global world. Now, let’s quickly look at these principles called the principles of Growth

  1. The Growth experienced starts with pain, challenges, but as you stickle with your mission of breakthrough and you seek knowledge you can apply them that, experience will launch you into a new positive realm.

Many online business examples that is of present have one thing or the other to give to us, we just need to position ourselves in other to attain it. I believed him making sense and sharing your mind, no one who make it now or have a share of outstanding success in his own field of online business, that have not taken a bite of challenges or set bade in one way or the other. Hear this from Mark Zurkerberg being, a global connector, that co-founder   Facebook;

“A couple of years after starting Facebook, some big companies wanted to buy us. Nearly everyone else wanted to sell but I didn’t. I wanted to see if we could connect more people. It tore our company apart, fraying relationship until within a year or so, every single person in the management team was gone.

That was my hardest time leading Facebook. I believed in what we were doing, but I felt alone.”

He later understand, why they didn’t believed in his decision, that is , carry other along in his dream of taking Facebook to another level.

Also, this is a time that you test so many different ways by which you can actually perform a task.  I have been in this stage before, that is having such an online business ideen but later understand the step by step of learning, through seeking those ones that have been in that online business essentials starten before, and learn through their experience. I remember then that I search though Google, check several blogs, YouTube videos and the likes, to locate and understand the rules of the game, and as time goes on, I begin to see a change.

There are times, that I fall victim of scammers, and this push me to understand that as online business manager that know what he is doing then I have to  protect myself and my business. I delve into starting new projects by selling more information products, created eBook, and making progress by the day. There was this man that his tutorship on finances have help me enormously, his name is Robert Kiyosaki he  was known worldwide for his book titled “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” he says in this book, that he coauthor with Donald J Trump (that later became United States President)

“A fool and his money are soon parted” well, I was the fool and my money was soon gone” He experience one of life lesson on his success journey which later help his business. And it’s this pain that lead to his growth. What really happen then is that, in his first breakthrough in earning good cash as a sales man, he gave all his earning to his friend who promised to invest for him but at the end swindle him of his hard earn money. But he came up better and wiser, and rise up in the ladder of financial success.

  1. Understand who you are and know what you carry

Know yourself, be aware of the resources you carry because as you understand yourself, you will know how much you have prepared for your success. You see, either you grow or not, it’s your own fault.

Growth start from within, it developed within till the evidence is show outside,. As a blogger, online business owner or digital marketer, the more you see yourself as a success the more you enjoy unspeakable success. There is a nerve that command the impossible within that strengthen your will power to make it happen. Nathaniel Brandon, a psychiatrist and expert in the subject of self-esteem says “No factor is more important in people’s psychological development and motivation than the value judgments they make about themselves”

As a result of your judgment on yourself, you see marvelous harvest. This push you to know more and add to your skill. Understand that you can make it happen, because anything you are doing at present is what will determine the future of your business because this happen so that passion for enablement can be created within you, which is expected to drive you to success.

  1. Success is a ladder, a daily affair without any end.

When you recognized your success daily, you move on to have more of it tomorrow. An information marketer that experience a boom in his product, will have to pulse and check, what is, that phenomena that makes a difference, which create a positive impact on his campaign. And by understanding this, them he can repeat the same experience over and over again.

Therefore, in each layer of fulfillment, in your online business or in life, take notice of what make a difference and work more on it to achieve better. If it’s a content, create more of it, if it’s a campaign in Google Ads or Facebook then fund more of it, till you attain an unspeakable venue. And when you do, don’t stay there, don’t create a ceiling on yourself, move forward, move higher, because success is a journey and not a destruction, which its end is uncertain.

  1. A principle of sacrifice that is giving a value out, so that more value can come to you.

This I have experience in my daily practice as a digital marketer. What I believe is that for you to attract more trust then you need to give out what the people will see, to judge their conscience and which will strengthen them to trust you or your product.  Sometimes you give a product free, but that shouldn’t qualify it to be less in value, you need to give your best out. Whatever you give out is what you see or collect. And you know what, what is faster than normal campaign. That give more credit to your online business in marketing is the word of mouth.

See, whatever profit you acquire, it must be earned, because anything that is not earn will surely lost. Because it have no value. You need to understand any investment you want to enter before you put in any of your resources into it. And that is the reason any business that I have to share out must be checked if it worth it. There must be an assurance that it produces what I claim it can produce.

  1. Prepare for the future by planning for it:

I remember a time while visiting one of my mentor in his house. He said it and I recognized what he is saying as, while achieving success in the present moment, always understand that there is a future after success, Your achievement of today, in that online business or success of your market of a product ends in that moment, but there is a life after that. Therefore, you need to prepare for it.

Now, how can you prepare for your success an online business profession or as a marketer? Your just need to have a vision of what is about to happen in the next few years ahead, and how to tackle it after it has happen.

Online business changes almost every 10 years or less that 10 years to each year, search engines change their plans or policy marketing psychology takes a  surprise turn over, and whenever prepares for that moment always win at the end of the day.

  1. Ask question, look for answer in other to expand a conscious, successful personnel in an online business world, somebody once asked “some see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not”

This is not just a normal questioner of successful mind, but an abnormal one that landed you on an extra ordinary successful end. Ask question that make a different in your online business, ask question in that digital world that you find yourself, and make good use of that success that is being found. And if you may ask, what kind of question a dreamer, who think a new age kind of a dream. Think of Bill Gate, how he make a different in the online world, what about Paige and his friend that start Goggle, what about Amazon  guru, Jeff Bezos that make a different in his e commerce world, they make a different, they make a change, they even make it possible for other to see that anything is possible. What about you? You too can have your name plaster in the marble of remembrance, as a brand of himself that makes thing possible in the moment of impossibility. Be curious, think deep, think change that but a new wonder but a new wonder of age.

(7)          Contribute to the society:     

John c. Maxwell, a leadership expert, asserted;” the measure of success is not the number of people who serve you, but the number of people you serve”.

When you contributes to your world, through that online platform you created, to the needs of the people around you, first, they will see the solution in you, they will understand what you are cut out for, so whenever you bring out a new product, by which you are asking a price for, they will understand that it worth it, after all you have not ask for a dime before or at least, whenever you ask for a price, you always give a product that worth it.

Just have the heart of contribution, pay your own quota, and be like the river that flows out, so that fresh water can flow in. Be a giver who always open his hand to people, and you know what? That hand will never close until it clamp more rewards. You see, we love to have more contracts, products that resulted or attracted millions into our accounts, best school for our children, and a healthy lifestyle, that is, we love to spend more money so that we can live longer. But of a truth, at long last, because of the nature we find our self and the kind of natural body that we carry, we still have to die. And if we refuse to contribute, no one will remember us and if they do, not for good thing because nobody celebrate a stingy millionaire (or billion) but a man with few treasure and a large heart will be remember always, most especially in time of death. His generation will always benefits from good gesture he have given or share while he is living. All, in the name of being a contributor.

In conclusion

When you adopt the principle of growth in your online business, you build a world of solution, to change lives and you affected your age. You attract a reward that last longer than you can remember.

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