How to Develop Yourself And Take Your Online Business To Profitability.

How to develop Yourself and take your online business to profitability s a topic i want us to see in today’s content. To develop yourself, then you need to take some necessary steps. And because i dont want us to waste much our time, that is to see within the secret of this topic, lets check one after another.

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Believe that you can do it

Before others can believe in you then you need to believe in yourself; before you can affect your customers or buyers positively then you need to understand the important of seeing yourself as a solution. Look at some business men talking or sharing an idea or experience, you will realized that those that are really successful always talk with courage, boldness and authority to show more of how much they believe in achieving. They never mix words, they are on their toes teaching others with prowess and confidence.

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This is what I called, the genuine psychology of the seller. Which means, for a buyer to believe more on what solution you can offer him then the buyer need to be successful first in what he is doing, thereby understand the element of what he is teaching about.

Because with that, he can create a brand for himself and attract more recipients unto himself. So believe in what you can offer, develop yourself and bring out the quality that is more than enough among others. In one of my EBook, titled “A journey towards your success Zenith,  page 11 of chapter 1, there is a subtopic that was created there, which says, “Never, never give up” this establish your believe, it shows that you can make it happen. Jeff Bezos of Amazon believe he can achieve the impossible with an idea of joining both the seller and buyer together to meet their different needs, and take his own commission. This is win, win that make everybody happy. This means that, if you can understand the enormous benefits of what is stored within you, then you will have more confidence in launching out that product or project, that idea or solution. Don’t think or say you cannot do it, move forward and achieve the impossible.

Develop your relationship:

This is about your personal relationship, that is about you and the people around you, it also about your marital relationship, how you can take it to the next level. Also, it deals with your business relationship, that is, who are your associates, and how are you dealing with them, your mentor or the kind of client you attracted. When your relationship have meaning it will motivates you to do more. And as entrepreneur either you are into online business or digital marketing, who is not underrating the influence power of relationship, will always be at a successful end. Think of an internet marketer, who did not value his relationship with is recipient, note that he has already throw himself out of business.

Because treating a customer here, a customer there, with lofty care will make the word go round and the end of it all will be no business in view. What are we saying, understanding how you threat others with respect, let them know how you value them, let them know they are important part of your life and business, and anytime they want to give a word of advice or of the other way round, don’t shout them up, don’t think or say you are better than their views in thinking, but show how your point and testimony of those points can change their lives, and lead them to their promising treasure.  Never underrate their advice but see through it to achieve the impossible.

A company is having serious challenge in having an extra elevator in the building because of expanded growth of customers, after weeks of round table meeting, serious heart to heart talk with the chief engineer of the construction company they are using, they never conclude because they are having serious issues of putting it in the right place. And as the GM of the organization is rushing out to go and attend to an appointment, an old security man of the company, who have seen and heard much of their challenges, call the GM beacon unto him and said, “If I were you, I will not plan in building the elevator inside, but place it outside” and that is the illumination the GM is waiting for. They quickly take up the idea, which they have never think of and put the lift outside the building.

None of them never think of him (Old security guard) to offer such an intelligent solution that have bothered the leadership of the company. And from then on, most corporation always have the alternative of building their elevator outsides of their building instead of inside.

Be a brand for meeting Need:

What is a brand, “To me, a brand may mean flavors, taste, value, a solution that is known, to meet needs”. That is, if you heard about Dell, you think computer, if you want to quench your thirst with a soda, you think coca cola, if you need luxurious car, you think Royce rolls, Range, Benz and the likes. All of this is known as brand, a representation of renowned stand out product.  Now, in digital marketing   branded online business or digital marketing comparing need to be known for extraordinary uniqueness in its line of discipline. That is, if you in e-commerce, then you are there to be recognize for rare, beautiful range of good products, which you are selling out, with a good customer service and after sales benefit. A blogger that is known for rare information, which is share to meet the needs of the people. An information marketer who people believed is honest with whatever he present to others, from one business to another. They all must have one thing in focus, which is meeting the need of others. Other things follows, and everyone that you have fulfilled their dreams, or satisfy them fully in great measure will not forget your product or service, and their word of mouth will be your source of marketing. This will surely takes you to the next level Every online business manager is expected to be a brand of value that attract customers as a result of positive influence that they carry.

Structure Your Business like Pro

That is what make the different, when you understand the 80/20 rule of the professionals. They never bow low in their way of doing business, but they take the 80% of their marketing profit as a result of how they structure their business. They don’t work hard to be seen as the most diligent but prefer working smart for they understand the secret of attracting more profit.

And the rule is that, “focusing more on the most important task and put others in charge of the less important tasks. For example, an Internet or digital marketers who want to attract more of profitable measures will take his time to incubate for more ideas, ruminating to create project, and creating project landing page, while others will be given the less important task, which they are good at. Hear this, from a business leadership pro, called, ‘John C Maxwell, “stop Thinking more work and start thinking what work”. There is a different between working hard and working smart. We have heard about working hard for so long of years, from generation to generation, Father, Mother, grandparent, any types, even some members, have talked so much about working hard, which is good at such a time. But now, 20th century, us a different ball game, working hard will place you among the Jackals (sorry to use that word but its time) because jackals are known for their strength. Spiders are known are known with little work but always have plenty to choose from. How is this possible?

While Jackals are working at long hours and known to be strong as they are going about to look for what they will eat per day; the spider as flexible at it is, will take its time to build a strategies by setting up its cobwebs, and go back to a side to sleep. Immediately it wake up, , it will just go to where its nets are and take as it can eat, chooses the best out of the plenty harvest that its cobwebs provided.

Are you jackals or a spider, think about this within yourself and take a step. Mack Zuckerberg, Global connector; cofounder of Facebook says, “Building something like face book and running a community like ours requires some inspiration. A lot of our leadership team is wired that way. Our compass as company is all about making our services available to the most people possible, so we can give everyone around the world a voice”. So, you cannot do it alone, you need others effort, you need those people that have what you don’t have and the result will be clearly seen.

It’s about building system.                       

Building a system, create a team.  What is a system, a system is different parts coming   together to run a whole body. Your body comprises of a group of system that have a vision of making sure you grow healthy and build tissues. You can stand because of different compartments that is working together within your body.  Therefore, for you to be working in good profit, or working smart in your online business, in other to draw more profit with less resources, then you need system. That is, you need to have a team, a group of people who you believed to be professional and who you think can add to the promotion of your online business ideas. Given the less important task to them and focus on the most important. And with this, more profitable product will be created and more land can be covered.

        Increase your intelligence

Go out of the normalcy of others, share only abnormal rare of ideas. And this can be achieve only through continuous leaving and a student’s life. Pertaining to that area which you are, take an extra step of going ahead of others and look out for what others, who have a greater dimension of success in your area of profession, study their writing, that is, books, blog, seminars and the likes, jot down their experience and bring out successful ideas that you can use from what you harvest from them. Have time for your online business ideen ,

and pay attention to your own brand, niche or area of specialty. You need a functional library to generate extraordinary results in your area of expertise.

          Increase the capacity of your skill

Always be on the lookout to increase the valuable capacity of your skill. What is your skill, what is that, which you are good at?  Oxford Learners Dictionary defined it to be an ability to do something well”. Online business starten that desires or crave for extraordinary success is expected to sow more.

That is, you know how to help or advice people in their business (Skill in consultancy) or how to market than the others in your area of jurisdiction, sings, or whatever. Therefore, anything you might be doing now; are you a blogger, or any kind of online business grant, or belly fat loss, focus more on this and achieve the inevitable. You need to increase your capacity, what do I mean by these? It mean you need to increase your value, because the more you know to give value or any kind of professional solution, which make your client to be  happy, the more your revenue will grow. The more you know how to market well, the more you will command more sales. And this is one of the secret of the most successful, a trait that you can only find in the life of any success exemplary.

Therefore, for any writer or blogger of value, that want to increase in profitability, then he needs to develop himself, by researching, gaining knowledge to read the more and very importantly to practice or test run an idea he want to give out to his audiences. Which means, your capacity also increase and this make others think more about you, of the honest report of how you can help them. The more you sharpen your self, the more you grow in that area of your professionalism.

A skillful, Pulitzer prize-winning composer Grian Carlo Menotti, said “Hell begins on that day when God grants us a clear vision of all that we might have achieved, of all the gift we wasted of all that we might have done that we did not do”.

Therefore, to understand and recognize the value of a skill in growth, then go out of the normal, and prove your worth in the line of responsibility.

        Understanding the Traits of the most successful

Several years ago, I wrote an EBook tithed, Success exemplary trait. And took a part of its introduction which I created a short video on it, and put it on a social media, what did I get’ the response is encouraging and enormous. But my concern here is that, firstly, did these people, get the point I’m trying to present, and put it to practice? why? Because that is the most important, it’s not enough to have access to the knowledge but to understand the privilege of it and make good use of it.

Success exemplary traits, are recognized as part of them, and part of their thinking factor and how much they can achieve with it, sometimes they gather themselves, together to help one another through incubating it with their minds, thereby bringing solution into limelight of solution. As they wake up each day, they browse on an ideas, each understand the value of their time, which is part of their resources or worthy asset.

They see value in themselves, therefore have value to themselves. And the reason for this enormous wealth within is as a result of their personal development. Hear this, by one of them, they didn’t have issues with the online business laws of the land, and provoke online business name ideas that changes their continents.

“Personal development is the belief that

You are worth the effort, time and energy needed

to develop yourself       – Dennis Whitley


and that is my point, one of the most important thing that develop the most successful of online business like Jack Ma, of Ali Baba, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Bill Gates of Microsoft and the host of others is that they are not limited in normal kind of business education, they learn through developing themselves in their area of professionalism by the day And not only this, they take note of what they learn, and  put it to a good practice , take note, if they can achieve more and reuse it to their uttermost development, then you too can do the same. It’s not enough to have machinery of great value, a beautiful designed website, or a well research online business keywords; but you need to understand how much you can make good use of them for great profitability.

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The question you ask daily improves your success

Hear this saying, some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not – George Bernard Shan.

So, why not ask why! This increase your curiosity, it increase your intelligence. And do you know what? Curious people possess a truth for knowledge, they want to know in other to offer more solution. Whenever I think of internet marketing or any online business examples, I realized that there are more of revelation than what I think I know now, so I seek out for it and bring it out to many, so that they can solve many of their marketing challenges.

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