Today, we are going to be looking at ‘revealed leak of turning your traffic into profitable sales.’ Everybody understands the fact that traffic is the key to any online business, be it blogging, e-commerce, information marketing and the likes. Traffic is also seen as the oxygen of any online business which if lacked, can lead to the death of such business. And many people who are into the usage of traffic, pay or are willing to pay any sacrifice or expenses for it.

 So, why is it so important in the online business? Why is it that many businessmen pay attention to it? Traffic is the flowing of people who either desire your information to meet their needs or gives them a direction to getting the solution to their challenges. And the most beautiful thing to hear about traffic is that it is so easy to have access to.

Traffic is easy to connect with; you can buy it from online store as if you are buying groceries from the supermarket. But the most important thing that you need to be aware of is that your landing page must be laid up perfectly well and your information must be focused, well written, informative and at the same time entertaining so that the reader or visitor that see it will be eager to finish reading it so that his position can be turned from being just a visitor to a potential buyer.

  Live Web Chats [en] The truth need to be told. Some people think that it’s automatic to make sales, and with blinded eyes, they just prepare inadequate information, make their project unprofessional and think that sane individuals will just pass across, branch on your site and buy your product! No sir, it doesn’t work that way. You need to sit down, plan it well, check if there is any mistake, look around if all the directive  button work very well and if they are leading  to the right direction. This is important so that you will not be putting your hard earned resources into a bottomless basket. Also, what I think impact people the most is your video and text. With video, they can understand you well and follow your direction step by step and it will make your information to convert more people. After this, you can put a call through to them, telling them to take action by filling the blank opt-in or that they should go to the next page and purchase your product or do whatever you desire of them. And as you know that this traffic (which is the flowing of people into the desired avenue you want to engage them) is an asset you must make good use of, and if you are able to convince them and win their trust, then cash flow is possible through them. You must also understand how much you can fulfill their dreams and bring their hope to fruition. You can read this, for more information. The strategic ways of capturing leads and getting contacts details. Now, don’t misuse the opportunity of having their details with you but use this avenue to win them over, and make them to advertise for you because when you satisfy your prospects, they will satisfy your interest by getting people that will buy from you as well.

Understand what you need to create an opt-in page.

Opt-in page is a page by which you can use to engage your prospects. It is a page that you can use to collect their details and connect better with them. Opt-in is a word meaning ‘to choose to participate in something’. That is, you need to persuade them, not forcefully but in such a way that they will understand that you care for them; that you are part of their fulfillment of their dreams and hope. So you present your opt-in page and as they trust in you, they give out their details.

Live Web Chats [en]

You need to show it to them how important it is for you to help them, not wasting time on how professional you are or how many degree or rank you have on your collar. No! It’s about information that focus on how to attain his dream in the area of the niche that you are promoting. You need to draw him into that area, which will lead him to say “stop the talk and take my money.” But in case he is still thinking on it and not taking any decision yet, then he will have no choice than to opt-in into that place or area you have made provision for, so that more information about the product can be accessed by him.

Through this, you may not be able to sell to him that day but you have the opportunity to sell not only that particular product but many other products in the future and the reason is that you have his personal details (email and name) that you need to connect him with.

How to use the emails you got to get more sales.

 By now, with your opt-in system, you would have gotten enough emails that you have gathered from prospective buyers into your coven that is, you now have absolute access to their heart. But meanwhile, you need to be careful not to abuse the right and privilege you have to get those emails. It’s true you have access to them now but they (the prospects) can decide to delete you out of their box that is, if you don’t add to them or fulfill the promises you assured them. How?  With the information you have given them, don’t forget you promised to fulfill their dreams of “getting their belly to lose fat fast” for example.

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