Capturing leads and getting contact details is not a straight focus of approaching, neither is a frontal assault into a landing page then begin to think of cash flow which is as a result of non-stopping sales. It does not work that way but the other way round that is, making your customer to see beyond the selfish interest of a buyer to a caring compassionate seller who love to meet the needs of his audience. For example there is a time I pass through an online business grant blog and I realized that what they are trying to offer their recipient is nothing that will offer solution to their needs. Website Builder   All these wrong steps that is being used by certain marketer usually leads to customer dissatisfaction. That is it makes the customer,” take caution”  of buying such a kind of product because rushing your customer in your first approach will be like a man that choose his cookies being blindfolded. Online business ideas works only if you do it in the right way and consistently work on yourself to meet the needs of others. Either you are just creating your site or just about to launch your marketing campaign. Capturing leads and getting leads is a process, starting from the first day, develop a relationship that creates a deeper trust which in turn turns him over to sales. There must be a constant focus in the journey of your relationship with your customer. Because there are laws that govern each and every online business that we have globally. And it take as many people that want to profit from it to follow those examples given by celebrated online gurus

So, let’s look at this fact; what are the leads or the contact details? I think these words are explainable enough. These are the information you have access to that we help you gain access to your customer anytime, anyway. Now, why capturing?

It’s because no one wants to waste his time, resources or moment of excitement. Most especially in this time of economy crisis that so many scammers are fooling around. We can hear the unpalatable stories from friends or relatives how they are scammed or tricked in one way or the other and you will begin to be conscious whenever anybody promote any source of opportunity to you. I think you now get the point, being in their shoes, we make you think like them even with more curiosity than cushion. Therefore before you can capture anybody leads or contact then you need to capture their heart first. I think you understand this? And how do you do this. you plan and set up few days action steps that will help you attain your goals which is to increase the level of trust by the day, giving daily information that you think will be of help to your potential customers.

Online business starten should understand this and should emulate those strategies used by the online professional so that a good expected end could emerge. Online business ideen should be the focus or everyone that love to make it online.

Therefore your first approach is to present your free gifts to him, just the way you present the one that you will soon sell to him. So you sell out your gifts, and you give them the best gifts ever, that is, you surprise them, because is a gift that they find with the money in their hand. But for you to know, they do pay money for these information you are giving out free of charge. But this time that money is their leads or contact which they are going to willingly giving to you. So understand this fact that there are people that cherish their leads or contact detail, even more than money. So you work harder and give them the best, you surprise them, you increase their Adrenalin, that is, they take action by putting their contacts into their your opt in form.

Enter into the inner chamber of your customer. Everyman always have what they hope for, what they are afraid for and also their dreams. And for you to know, they can’t share or will never share these things with you because some of these are their little secret, the dream of fulfilment which they have been carrying about for days months or years. So you need to penetrate into their heart and understand their mind. See the power of lead magnet funnel   I have told you before about going to Quora and amazon to check on the what your customers are asking for, also looking at you tube comment sections sometimes give you some inner question of your customers, also reddit , forums, and those social sites they are visiting. Check their comments, what are they saying, do you feel what they are feeling that is, their happiness or sorrow, surprises or concerns. What are they talking about, that is their languages or are they repeating some words often and often so that they can be heard. Check on the most occurring expression of these people, check Google autosuggest result, because these helps a lot. Understand what people want, because these have been and we always be the most relevant. How to help and establish compassion to others which they feel and appreciate.

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