Today, I’m going to share with you why we love Google search in our online business (and you should, too). There are many reason people love to go on Google, while some are on it to search for fun, some may be there to seek important information for their use. They may also be there to search for a web page for a certain solution to a problem. And some never get what they wanted just because they never do it right. So, that is the reason you need to search as an expert so that you can do it right and as a result get what you want. A brother in law to me is
having a challenge in getting a kind of information and I quickly refers him to Google and not only that, I also trained him on how to search like an expert.


    There are so many things that are wrong with how we search on a Google. Google is not bothered about either you type in jump, jumped or jumping, you just need to input your search enquiring of these words and the needed information will be presented to you.
Also, note that Google is not friendly with the word ‘the, a, to, and, is, of, when used without quotes. So any search you are looking for or any articles you want to write for your site you must be aware of this and use less of this word that is being despised by Google. Be sure as well that you are making use of the tabs, which is one of tools that you need to make good full potential use of. Because they are there not for decoration but that you can made good use of it, and so that you can have a wonderful experience for using it. There are also news tab, web
tab and so on, they are there so that you can use them for your solution.

     Also for your article writing you can place about 10 topics, that you have design according to the keywords for your posts and search for each topics introductions on Google one after the other, get every facts about each topics on Wikipedia and re-write every meaning in the first paragraph of your article. And at the same time make sure that your topic must be re-introduce in the first paragraph as you can use Google to buttress more on your topic. Do the same to each topic and you we see that it’s going to be easy and be useful as long as you will not copycat it word for word but explain it in your own word and sentence. So, after you have done with all other nine topics then move to the body, lest we forget, note that you should explain the uniqueness of your topics which should include the definition, and then wrap it up with the complete explanation with the help of Google. Then you go to the body of your article, as usual you start with the first (remember that we are writing 10 topics with the help of Google) and explain step by step the main information that you want to pass across to the readers, and as usual make good use of Google and Wikipedia can be of good source, also magazines and newspaper plus other book can be of a great help too.



     You just need to use Google search to take the information you get and re- search it once again and you will have access to your own original information which we make it to be unique.
Make sure you make maximum use of the information and write as many of them as possible so that you have more than a thousand words per article. Because for you to be different you need to provide more good and useful information than others. Then conclude your post by summarizing all your points’ one after the order giving them why they will be a good product or
information for your online visitor. New ideas for small business may be seen to be scarce if at all you need it for positive and good result, and that is the reason you need this information not only for your small on line but also for your bigger online and offline business. The best business ideas for online business can be found where good information that can turn the secret of your business around. 


And this is what we are presenting to you on this platform and what is expecting of you is to be the doer not just a reader of this piece. Which means you are expected to diligently work the information out so that you can arrive ay your positive expected end. Strategies to search google like an expert is not only how to create an online business but also how to maintain that online business that will lead to profiting. Some believe that to start your own online business then you need to be a google technical expert or guru that can know how to build their sites technical, that is, code and decode sites but thank God all these is easy now because simple information like this can help you achieve greatly.


   Therefore, computer business ideas or online business information on Google strategies is what you can use to take your online business to another level.

Though. Some so called best home based business ideas never make provision for a kind of Google search strategies but based much on the information that can be of no use to the bloggers or internet visitors but waste much resources.


Therefore you can understand this piece to be one of the best business ideas in 2021 that will help you attain that promise land that you desire. So, simple online business ideas in Google search is not a kind that can come so easily but is a kind that you need to search for and
work vigorously on it. Therefore it’s time to start your own online business that is full of
keywords ideas with good information that can be derived through Google search that can help your online business to grow without limit.



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